De BeleefTV


The interactive and connecting link between people with dementia and their outside world.

De BeleefTV

Intellectual disability

The activating and smile-creating care innovation for people with intellectual disabilities.

96% of our custommers recommend De BeleefTV

10/10 klantenbeoordeling

9.5/10 customer rating

1 out of 3 care homes in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany uses the BeleefTV.

What is De BeleefTV?

De BeleefTV is a large, digital, activity table for elderly people who suffer from dementia and other disabilities. The BeleefTV provides access to games, music, speech exercises and videos which have been specially developed to activate the brain, stimulate social interaction and movement.

The BeleefTV Senior: specially developed for people who suffer from dementia.
De BeleefTV Smile: specially developed for people with intellectual disability

In terms of hardware, these are exactly the same products.

Are you wondering what the differences are?

De BeleefTV is…

The BeleefTV has been developed in such way that it only works with a positive approach towards patiens. If the patient gives a wrong answer, nothing happens. But if the answer is right, he or she will be rewarded! The following applies to all games on De BeleefTV: participating is more important than winning! You will not be punished for the things you cannot remember, but only rewarded for the things you can still do or know!

The screen of the activity table is a high-quality, multi-touch screen. This meets the high demands of everyday care and support. Adapted to the target group, the screen is shock-resistant and has a splash-proof surface on which a glass of water can also spill without causing any problems. The touchscreen is ideal for group work: Firstly, because of its size, as you can sit at it like at a table with several other people. Secondly, because of its fast reaction time and the twelve simultaneously detected touch points.

The activity table can be used throughout the facility and is easy to move around. The whole house benefits from this: from the various living areas to the communal and therapy rooms to the residents’ private rooms.

The activity table can be tilted through 90 degrees with two simple handles and can therefore be used as a table or board. The special feature is that the screen can be locked every 15 degrees and can thus also be used with a slight tilt – making it very wheelchair-friendly and ideal for individual care.

De BeleefTV is height-adjustable, so all types of chairs as well as wheelchairs can be placed around it. For safety, the mechanism is equipped with a sensor and the screen stops as soon as resistance is sensed.

The user-friendly operation of De BeleefTV makes it easy to use for caregivers as well as volunteers, relatives and visitors. No special technical skills are needed to use the activity table. The activity table is equipped with a powerful ThinClient. In addition to the installed software packages for the De BeleefTV, this enables equally secure Internet use.

The HDMI connection turns the De BeleefTV into an external screen. De BeleefTV is unbreakable and mobile. This makes it an ideal playback medium for video chats with relatives and presentations for service meetings, for example. You can also use De BeleefTV as a television or presentation screen.

Models and prices

The BeleefTV is the only trolley that has been specially developed for wheelchair users. The wheels are further apart, the middle section is narrower and the container where the computer case is located has been neatly concealed. This makes the BeleefTV ideal for every user.

De BeleefTV is available as a Plus Model with a luxury trolley that is only available at De BeleefTV or as a Budget Model with a basic trolley.

What people say about De BeleefTV

after a FREE test week

What an experience

Martine Rikken-Evers KDC de Zevenster

Wow, we are experiencing a lot with the BeleefTV!
So great for all our clients, sometimes they play alone, sometimes they play as a couple 🙂

We experience a lot off happy moments.

Marie jose van Duijnhoven Joachim Anna eekhoorn pimpelmees

We experience a lot of happy moments. Play activity with residents one-on-one or in groups. Listening to music. Looking back at the holiday destinations of the residents. Using the BeleefTV, conversations are started in the group. This allows you to get to know the resident better. You can’t wish for a nicer purchase!

Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel

Julie Van CauwenbergheUniversity Hospital Brussels

We were amazed at how quickly our patients got away with the touch-screen system that allowed several patients to work on one screen at the same time. The different types of applications offered by De BeleefTV allowed us to reach and excite the patients in a new way. Patients and other colleagues asked us on a daily basis when The BeleefTV would be coming out again.