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3 years warranty

5 specially developed software menus with 120 activities to your choice

Trusted by 2500 care homes in Western Europe

The device can be used without internet

The only trolley with TÜV certification. The safest choice for your clients.

*Only available for 10 care homes! 

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In our opinion, a budget holder will be enthusiastic about the fact that De BeleefTV also brings a saving of approximately £4000 annually, alongside the qualitative upgrade of the facility.

We offer a 2-week take-back guarantee. If De BeleefTV doesn’t enhance your daily activities, we will retrieve the device at no additional cost.

Our company is quite flexible regarding payment terms. Simply inform us of your situation, and we will endeavour to offer you a suitable solution.

Although the product is new to the UK, it has been available in other parts of Europe since 2016. Devices from the first batches are still operational. Therefore, an 8–10-year lifespan is quite feasible.

Upon delivery, we will provide a demonstration to help you get started. Additionally, the device is designed to be user-friendly, and a manual will be included.

Not at all. Everyone on our helpdesk speaks English proficiently.

Unfortunately, reservations are not possible. If there are any promo devices available next week, it would be by chance. We suggest contacting him to explain the urgency of a prompt response.

We will provide a demo upon delivery. However, technical training is unnecessary as the device is designed to be accessible and intuitive for everyone, including family, care workers, and volunteers.

This is a one-time opportunity. While there may be future promotions, they will not match the current offer.

Yes, it is possible for different locations, but limited to one device per care home.

De BeleefTV is fully customized and can be put together according to your wishes. The software can be configured entirely according to your wishes and needs. De BeleefTV has a wide range of specially developed applications for carehomes. Choose the packages that suit your care facility’s residents best. For £6999 you can choose 5 menu’s! 

96% of our custommers recommend De BeleefTV

1 out of 3 care homes in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany uses the BeleefTV.

9.5/10 customer rating

About our revolutionary digital activity table


De BeleefTV is crafted with precision using high-quality components to ensure a seamless user experience and meet the most stringent safety standards. Designed with accessibility in mind, featuring a wheelchair-friendly frame, and enhanced with a multi-touchscreen interface for unparalleled interaction.


De BeleefTV offers a wide range of specially developed user-friendly software for your residents. Our software is developed with specialist, innovation labs, and 3000 other care homes. It provides reminiscence therapy, music therapy, social interaction, games that trains the fine motor skills, speaking exercises, brain training, passive entertainment and a lot more!

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Trusted by 2500 care homes in Western Europe

We are excited to introduce De BeleefTV to the UK, following its remarkable success in countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France. As pioneers in innovative dementia care solutions, we invite you to join us in piloting De BeleefTV UK and witness the positive impact it can have on your residents. Our mission is to improve the quality of life from people living with dementia and we are excited to introduce our care innovation, De BeleefTV UK, to the UK market.

We have developed a special program for UK care homes and we are looking for care homes who want to pilot our revolutionary Digital Activity Table a month for free! 

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Care Homes save an average of £5,000 per year with De BeleefTV

Research among De BeleefTV users has revealed that each week staff a saving 2.8 hours of there time whilst users are engaged with the De BeleefTV. This equates to 145.6 hours per year, which care givers can redirect towards other tasks. With an average cost of approximately £30 per hour per caregiver, this translates to an annual cost reduction of over £4,500! In many cases, the investment in De BeleefTV is recouped within just 2 years.

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Create beautiful moments and improve the quality of life from people in a care home

Discover the magic of the premium digital activity table, here we’re dedicated to crafting beautiful moments and enhancing the quality of life for residents in care homes. Our innovative approach blends technology with compassion to create engaging experiences that foster social interaction, cognitive stimulation, and joy. From interactive games to therapeutic activities, our goal is to spark smiles and cultivate meaningful connections among residents. Through an array of engaging applications and sensory experiences, we aim to elevate everyday moments into unforgettable memories, promoting mental wellness and emotional well-being.

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Case study about De BeleefTV in 50 care homes in the UK.

Over the years, there have been several (external) studies on the effect of The BeleefTV on people with dementia and/or learning disabilities. The BeleefTV has been proven to be an effective tool within elderly- and disabled healthcare and actually improves the quality of life of residents in nursing homes.

What people say about De BeleefTV

after a FREE test week

What an experience

Martine Rikken-Evers KDC de Zevenster

Wow, we are experiencing a lot with the BeleefTV!
So great for all our clients, sometimes they play alone, sometimes they play as a couple 🙂

Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel

Julie Van CauwenbergheUniversity Hospital Brussels

We were amazed at how quickly our patients got away with the touch-screen system that allowed several patients to work on one screen at the same time. The different types of applications offered by De BeleefTV allowed us to reach and excite the patients in a new way. Patients and other colleagues asked us on a daily basis when The BeleefTV would be coming out again.

We experience a lot off happy moments.

Marie jose van Duijnhoven Joachim Anna eekhoorn pimpelmees

We experience a lot of happy moments. Play activity with residents one-on-one or in groups. Listening to music. Looking back at the holiday destinations of the residents. Using the BeleefTV, conversations are started in the group. This allows you to get to know the resident better. You can’t wish for a nicer purchase!