A lack of activities worsens the progression of different forms of dementia. A lack of stimulation means the brain doesn’t get used enough. This does not help the dementia. With De BeleefTV, you have found the solution. De BeleefTV challenges both motor and mental skills. Think, for example, of a ‘jukebox’ with music, images from the residents’ youth or a proverb game. In addition to this stimulation, De BeleefTV provides cheerfulness, sociability and connection.

Research has shown that the BeleefTV improves the quality of life of people with dementia. The BeleefTV activates the brain and provides fun and social interaction in your care facility.

Customised solutions

De BeleefTV is offered in different variants with various options.

Plenty of choice

De BeleefTV can be assembled entirely by yourself. As a result, the product always perfectly matches your target group.


De BeleefTV is mobile, so it can be used in any room.
You won’t have to unscrew De BeleefTV from the ceiling, as is the case with other, similar products.


You can also use De BeleefTV as a television or presentation screen.

Always useable

De BeleefTV does not use a projector, so the lights can be used as normal and the curtains left open. All nice and cosy.


Has someone spilt a cup of coffee? Don’t panic. De BeleefTV can withstand this, so just wipe it down and you’re done. You can handle it like a normal table. We only advise against standing on the table, for example when hanging garlands.

For everyone

De BeleefTV is aimed at seniors and people with intellectual disabilities, but it is equally entertaining for all generations. This makes a visit to grandma and grandpa fun again. Connect a USB, and children can show photos from their recent holiday.