De BeleefTV Smile

De BeleefTV Smile stands for experience-orientated care with a smile. Participation is more important than winning. And everyone can join in!

De BeleefTV Smile has been specially developed for individuals with learning disabilities. De BeleefTV has been developed so that everyone can use it. Regardless of the age or ability of the resident or client. The activities on De BeleefTV contribute to activating and stimulating the clients and residents. Almost all games can be played in groups or individually. This means that there is a tailor-made solution for every situation. The games invite conversation, are instructive and develops fine motor skills.

De BeleefTV activates and stimulates.

De BeleefTV increases residents’ self-confidence.

De BeleefTV interrupts (temporarily) apathetic behaviour.

De BeleefTV reduces Challenging behaviour

De BeleefTV provides social interaction and fun.

DE BeleefTV develops fine motor skills.

Would you like to experience what effect De BeleefTV has on your clients?

De BeleefTV Smile is…

a valuable day’s work. De BeleefTV Smile guarantees fun and a positive stimulation of the senses. The various games challenge the clients both mentally and physically. In this way, the brain and fine motor skills are stimulated in a pleasant way. De BeleefTV Smile brings people together.

Developed in cooperation with care institutions

We incorporate the feedback we receive from various healthcare institutions into our games and updates. A free update is available every quarter. In it, we add new images and make improvements. In this way
we keep De BeleefTV fun and innovative for everyone!

The Smile Menu & the Snoezel Menu have been developed entirely in cooperation with care institutions:

  • The Smile Menu was developed in cooperation with ‘s Heerenloo (Netherlands) and WZC De Bolster (Belgium)
  • The Snoezel Menu was developed in cooperation with Sherpa

De BeleefTV makes people happy!

85% of the clients show positive emotions when using De BeleefTV.

Positive emotions can be seen in happiness, positive surprise and proud behaviour. There is a noticeable difference in the expression of happiness when De BeleefTV is used in groups. From this we can conclude that De BeleefTV also contributes to the positive atmosphere in the department.


The trolley is the only one on the market specially adapted for wheelchairs. All components are neatly concealed and De BeleefTV can pass through any door. De BeleefTV is, for instance, available throughout the building, even in a resident’s bedroom.

Perfect for any target group

The software on De BeleefTV can be configured entirely according to your wishes. In this way, De BeleefTV always perfectly matches your target group.
In almost every game, you have the opportunity to choose a level. This allows everyone to participate!


De BeleefTV is electronically height-adjustable and can be tilted up to 90 degrees: it can be used as a table, television and, when tilted, as an easel.
You don’t need to know anything about electronic devices to use De BeleefTV. But if you do have a problem with something then call our service desk free of charge.

De BeleefTV in action

Specially developed for people with intellectual disabilities

Start interacting with the residents of your care facility

Throwing over

Throwing over

Throw several balls together. At different speeds.






Make a colouring picture together or paint your own creation. With a painting palette on which you can mix colours yourself.




Firework display

Firework display

Create your own firework display!




The BeleefTV has been developed in such way that it only works with a positive approach towards patiens. If the patient gives a wrong answer, nothing happens. But if the answer is right, he or she will be rewarded! The following applies to all games on De BeleefTV: participating is more important than winning! You will not be punished for the things you cannot remember, but only rewarded for the things you can still do or know!

The screen of the activity table is a high-quality, multi-touch screen. This meets the high demands of everyday care and support. Adapted to the target group, the screen is shock-resistant and has a splash-proof surface on which a glass of water can also spill without causing any problems. The touchscreen is ideal for group work: Firstly, because of its size, as you can sit at it like at a table with several other people. Secondly, because of its fast reaction time and the twelve simultaneously detected touch points.

The activity table can be used throughout the facility and is easy to move around. The whole house benefits from this: from the various living areas to the communal and therapy rooms to the residents’ private rooms.

The activity table can be tilted through 90 degrees with two simple handles and can therefore be used as a table or board. The special feature is that the screen can be locked every 15 degrees and can thus also be used with a slight tilt – making it very wheelchair-friendly and ideal for individual care.

De BeleefTV is height-adjustable, so all types of chairs as well as wheelchairs can be placed around it. For safety, the mechanism is equipped with a sensor and the screen stops as soon as resistance is sensed.

The user-friendly operation of De BeleefTV makes it easy to use for caregivers as well as volunteers, relatives and visitors. No special technical skills are needed to use the activity table. The activity table is equipped with a powerful ThinClient. In addition to the installed software packages for the De BeleefTV, this enables equally secure Internet use.

The HDMI connection turns the De BeleefTV into an external screen. De BeleefTV is unbreakable and mobile. This makes it an ideal playback medium for video chats with relatives and presentations for service meetings, for example. You can also use De BeleefTV as a television or presentation screen.