How did the idea for De BeleefTV come about?

Halfway through 2015, we were approached by the organiser of a benefit concert for De Herbergier Zoetermeer. The benefit concert was organised for the benefit of a digital activity table. The question for us was whether we could make such a device and, of course, at what cost.
In response to this question, we started looking into the product and the needs of the market. This made us enthusiastic and we started working on the idea of De BeleefTV. By involving De Herbergier Zoetermeer very actively in product development, we have arrived at a product that is perfectly suited to the target group, at a considerably lower price than the other products on offer.

Step 1: The screen
The requirements for a screen that is so actively used cannot be underestimated. The screen must be able to withstand multiple pressure points and be very robust, shock-resistant and waterproof. In addition, of course, the screen has to last a very long time. The result is that we have found screens in 2 sizes that meet these requirements from different suppliers.

Step 2: The computer
An important characteristic of a product used by carers, volunteers and visitors is that it is extremely easy to use. Anyone should be able to turn on De BeleefTV and start using it, otherwise there will be a barrier, and the aim is to create a product that can be used every day as much as possible.
De BeleefTV is made in such a way that as soon as it is plugged in, it immediately starts up on the right screen and is ready to get the activities going. In the unlikely event of an error occurring, unplug the device, plug it back in again and everything will run as it should.

“In short: De BeleefTV is a tailor-made product that is completely geared to the target group, seniors with dementia, and which creates conviviality, stimulation and connection!”

Step 3: The frame
For the frame in particular, we received a lot of input from De Herbergier Zoetermeer. What are the main points of the specifically designed framework?
Easily movable
This makes it possible to use one BeleefTV in many different places. Very handy if an institution uses several living rooms, for example.

Height adjustable (electric)
The TV can be used at various heights, depending on the type of (wheel)chairs that are to be moved under the TV. This mechanism is equipped with a sensor that protects the limbs under the TV and stops as soon as resistance is felt.

Wouldn’t it be majorly convenient if De BeleefTV could also be used as a TV/DVD player/presentation screen? We did something about that. This makes it possible to use De BeleefTV even more and all day long!

The frame is made so that wheelchairs can be moved under it from two sides without any tubes or brackets getting in the way.

Step 4: The software
The computer used is a Windows computer and the screen is an extended multitouch screen. This allows us to provide any touch software that is being developed. The advantage is that we can offer software from several suppliers in addition to our own, depending on the requirements of the institution/residential group.