De BeleefTV  – ‘We care!’

De BeleefTV is a specially developed activity table that combines cutting-edge technology with evidence-based therapeutic interventions to promote cognitive stimulation, social interaction, and emotional well-being. It is an excellent tool for caregivers and family members who want to enhance the quality of life for their loved ones living with dementia or other disabilities. De BeleefTV offers a wide range of games, puzzles, sensory games and other activities that are tailored to the interests and abilities of seniors with dementia and other disabilities.

De BeleefTV  – ‘We care!’

De BeleefTV is a specially developed activity table for people who suffer from dementia or other disabilities. De BeleefTV offers a wide range of games, puzzles, sensory games and other activities that are tailored to the interests and abilities of seniors with dementia and other disabilities.

De BeleefTV activates and stimulates.

De BeleefTV increases residents’ self-confidence.

De BeleefTV interrupts (temporarily) apathetic behaviour.

De BeleefTV provides social interaction and fun.

DE BeleefTV trains fine motor skills.

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96% of our custommers recommend De BeleefTV

10/10 klantenbeoordeling

9.5/10 customer rating

1 out of 3 care homes in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany uses De BeleefTV.

The BeleefTV has been developed in such way that it only works with a positive approach towards patiens. If the patient gives a wrong answer, nothing happens. But if the answer is right, he or she will be rewarded! The following applies to all games on De BeleefTV: participating is more important than winning! You will not be punished for the things you cannot remember, but only rewarded for the things you can still do or know!

The screen of the activity table is a high-quality, multi-touch screen. This meets the high demands of everyday care and support. Adapted to the target group, the screen is shock-resistant and has a splash-proof surface on which a glass of water can also spill without causing any problems. The touchscreen is ideal for group work: Firstly, because of its size, as you can sit at it like at a table with several other people. Secondly, because of its fast reaction time and the twelve simultaneously detected touch points.

The activity table can be used throughout the facility and is easy to move around. The whole house benefits from this: from the various living areas to the communal and therapy rooms to the residents’ private rooms.

The activity table can be tilted through 90 degrees with two simple handles and can therefore be used as a table or board. The special feature is that the screen can be locked every 15 degrees and can thus also be used with a slight tilt – making it very wheelchair-friendly and ideal for individual care.

De BeleefTV is height-adjustable, so all types of chairs as well as wheelchairs can be placed around it. For safety, the mechanism is equipped with a sensor and the screen stops as soon as resistance is sensed.

The user-friendly operation of De BeleefTV makes it easy to use for caregivers as well as volunteers, relatives and visitors. No special technical skills are needed to use the activity table. The activity table is equipped with a powerful ThinClient. In addition to the installed software packages for the De BeleefTV, this enables equally secure Internet use.

The HDMI connection turns the De BeleefTV into an external screen. De BeleefTV is unbreakable and mobile. This makes it an ideal playback medium for video chats with relatives and presentations for service meetings, for example. You can also use De BeleefTV as a television or presentation screen.

De BeleefTV makes people happy!

85% of the clients show positive emotions when using De BeleefTV.

Positive emotions can be seen in happiness, positive surprise and proud behaviour. There is a noticeable difference in the expression of happiness when De BeleefTV is used in groups. From this we can conclude that De BeleefTV also contributes to the positive atmosphere in the department.

De BeleefTV increases the confidence of the residents.

While using De BeleefTV, more than half of the clients show proud behaviour. This shows itself, for example, after winning and completing a game. The reward sounds of De BeleefTV mainly receive many positive reactions, such as applauding and complimenting. De BeleefTV only works with a positive approach. If a client or resident does something wrong, ‘nothing’ happens. When something is done well, this is being rewarded.

De BeleefTV is easy to use.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, De BeleefTV can be easily adapted into the daily care routine. De BeleefTV contains a lot of activties, games such as puzzles, memory, memories, videos and pictures from the past. The BeleefTV offers all this in one device. Not only the staff involved in activities benefit from this, but also the family members, who have countless opportunities to get involved with their beloved family member and improve social interaction. Playing with grandchildren, reminiscing and looking at photos from their latest holiday, for example. Everything is possible.

De BeleefTV breaks through (temporarily) apathetic behaviour!

De BeleefTV contributes in a positive way to behavioural changes of clients with dementia. 79% of the clients show more active behaviour when using De BeleefTV. Research has shown that De BeleefTV triggers both positive and negative emotional affects. These are emotions that are normally reduced by apathetic behaviour. The use of De BeleefTV made these emotions visible.

Get to know clients better with the BeleefTV!

De BeleefTV contributes significantly to the connection between care workers and clients. Because of the visual and auditory content of De BeleefTV, the majority of the clients take more initiative to start a conversation based on their interests. Care workers mention that they even discover new interests of clients by using De BeleefTV.

De BeleefTV activates and stimulates.

Many people who suffer from dementia worsen due to a lack of activity. De BeleefTV offers interactive applications that both stimulate the brain and train the motor skills. Many care homes mention the participation of clients who would otherwise never take part in any type of activity. De BeleefTV is welcoming, arouses curiosity and has applications for every level of your care facility. This varies from conversations about the past to basic stimulation that brings a smile to the resident’s face. “I’m here, look what I’m doing – I can reach for stars and butterflies follow my hand”. It makes the client proud, which motivates him/her to use De BeleefTV more often.